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Gemstone Is Used For Astrology


Gemstones Are Used In Jewelry From Earlier. Among The Rarest Are Blue Diamonds. The Rich Role In History Makes Blue Diamonds Some Of The Fascinating Stones In Existence. The Primary Source Of Blue Diamonds Is The Cullinan Mine Near Pretoria In South Africa. The Cullinan Mine Which Is Owned By Petra Diamonds Has Been The Source Of Most Interesting Discoveries Of Blue Diamonds. These Stones Are The Hardest Conductors Of Both Heat And Electricity On Earth.

Blue Diamonds Considered Extremely Rare And More Valuable. Blue Diamonds Are Actually Found With Their Beautiful Color Tone. An Impurity Called Boron, Along With Nitrogen It Is The Cause Of The Colour. Real Gemstones Are Precious, Rare, And Durable. The Gemstone Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Remedies In Jyotish Shastra.

Astrological Effects Of Precious Gemstones

The Gemstone Of A Planet Place In A House Should Be Worn According To The Quadrant Is Whose Trines It Is Placed. Thus The Planet In The Ninth House Affects The Dharma Trikona And Its Gemstone Should Be Worn In The Right Finger. Gemstone Of Planets In Moksha Trikona Should Not Be Prescribed As Then They Would Be Worn In The Tarjani (index Finger).

The Planets In The Arudha Lagna Shows How The How The World Perceives The Native. The Presence Of Moon Or Jupiter In The Arudha Lagna Gives You Fame For Lifelong. The Eighth House Is Very Crucial Because It Controls The Longevity Of The Person. We Are The Manufacturer, Exporter, Leading Online Supplier Of Gemstone Beads, natural Gemstone Beads, semi Precious Beads Online In India.

Unique Jewelers Jaipur Offering Genuine Gemstone In A Various Shape And Designs. All Semi-precious Beads Available In India On Unique Jewelers Jaipur Store. Now We Are Providing Best Facilities For Our Customer’s Online Payments For Gemstones And Beads. Hessonite Gemstone Is Used To Ward Off The Evil Influence. Blue Diamonds Are So Unique Because Of Its Rarity, Authenticity And Color Origin. There Are Many Ways To Treat Gemstone To Improve The Poor Quality Gem. Refining A Poor Quality Sapphire Can Enhance Its Color Or Clarity But Such Type Of Stones Are Not Used For An Astrological Purpose. Only The Natural Gemstone Can Be Beneficial According To Vedic Astrology. Our 9 Planets Represent The 9 Gemstones.

Diamonds Are Second Most Valued Metals On Earth After The Gold. Here Is A List Of Different Types Of Diamonds In Existence Including Pink, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple And Brown. Diamonds Belong To The Small Group Of Diamond Types That Contain Very Little Nitrogen Atoms In The Crystal Structure. Resulting In The Type Of Diamond That Is The Most Valued Type Of Diamond. If Gemstone Has To Be Prescribed To Decrease The Evil Effects Of A Malefic Planet. Its Gemstone Should Be Used In The Left Hand.