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Aquamarine or March Birthstone is a precious wealth of mermaids.  Aquamarine belongs to the family of Beryl with pleasing blue color qualities. The tone can vary from cyan to deep blue as per the content of iron present in the stone. The word Aquamarine derives from Latin, aqua means water while marine is the sea. Aquamarine jewelers have their origins back since 500 B.C and it was worn as precious stones by sailors and travelers. It was worn to protect against shipwrecks and deflect sea sickness.
Aquamarine is linked with the emotional properties of a person and is good for calming and cooling the tempers.
As per Aquamarine beads manufacturers, there are 4c which you should keep in mind while buying authentic and genuine aquamarine Jewellery - color, clarity, cut, and carat.
Aquamarine beads can vary from rich blue hue to light, nearly translucent blue. The real stone of aquamarine is commonly blue in color with green hues. The darker shade auctions for a higher price and is generally more desirable.
When delineating jewelry and making its beads, the gemstone is heated on different temperatures that affect the color of the stone.
Beauty speaks within itself. There are fewer inclusions with crystals, the higher the clarity the more appealing and desirable the stone. Generally, the stone itself possesses excellent clarity and transparency as its sibling emerald.
The cut in gemstones can enhance the shine and brilliance, accentuating the naturally existing beauty. Commercially sold aquamarines have no imperfections or marking known as inclusions. Round and princess cut are more opted for aquamarine stones. There are aquamarine beads wholesale available in different cuts to be emblazoned on your neck or hand.
Carat Size
As its abundant gemstone and found in different ranges of sizes. It is considered that the larger the stone you buy, the higher value you would get.
You would be interested to know, Aquamarine is the birthstone for March born people and represents star sign Pisces. Also, it is designated as the official 9th-anniversary gem.
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