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Ruby is a precious gemstone of the Corundum family also known as the king of Gemstone. It founds in color from pink to pigeon blood. The color of ruby is due the element Chromium find in it, as more amount of chromium as dense the color of ruby. Birthstone of July month & related with the planet Sun. Usually wear as ruby beads jewelry like beads necklace, ring, pendent etc.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits:

  1. Can growth in business, jobs and increase leadership skills.
  2. Helpful in Diseases like fever, rheutism, gout, boils, itch and insomnia.
  3. Helps removing the fear and depression.
  4. Sort out the life of couples facing difficulties in relationship.
  5. Demolish the negativity around the wearer and spread harmony, &love.

Natural Ruby Beads

Unique Jewellers is company that manufacture the natural ruby stone beads at wholesale price and supplies beads jewelry and strings in many countries. We are in this industry since 1980 and serving with perfection all the gemstone lovers and our valuable customers around the world.

Here you find Rubies Gemstone Beads are of:

Price Range - ($11.50- $445.97) per line or lot

Available in Grade - A, AA, AAA and AAA+

In Shapes:

Faceted Coin Beads

Briollete Pear Beads

Plain Roundelle

Faceted Roundelle Beads

Dyed Micro Cut Roundelle

Faceted Drops

Far Smooth Round Beads

Ruby Chips

Emerald Dyed Ruby Faceted Heart

Far Smooth Nuggets

Shaded Faceted Roundelle

Far Briollete Heart

Plain Oval

Briollete Heart Beads

Far Briollete Pear

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