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Blue Opal Faceted Beads

Opal can be available in different-different colors like blue, green and pink semi-precious stones. You can buy beaded jewellery too from our website as we keep the most original variety of stones at our stores with the most affordable costs.Our website provides the best quality opal stoneat wholesale rate.

Basically, the term opal is taken from the Greek word “opallios” that means something like color change. Opal is white coloured semi-precious gemstone. It is the member of silicate mineral family recognized for its wonderful ‘play of colours’. It is the hydrated amorphous form of silica. It is seen in the market as beads, gemstone cabochons at wholesale, and tumbled stones.

Opal comes in different types of colours such as white, yellow, orange, yellowish brown, blue, grey, black, violet, greenish & various shades of red colour. Hardness of this gemstone is 5.5 to 6.5. It shows poor wearability. It is transparent to opaque. The birthstone of this product in the month of October. Blue opal is the type of opal gemstone.

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There is no or very negligible surprise that blue opal has a very soft, relaxing energy about it and it also helps in reducing tension from minds and promotes positive ideas & thoughts. This gemstone reduces stress & also helps in wearing it to approach the future with quite heightened sense of tranquility. Our website uniquejewellersjaipur.com, provides Blueopal beads at very affordable prices. Here you will find the best quality opal jewellerywith unforgettable customer services. We also provide best services regarding different-different types of opals.

There are other categories of opal too which are rightly available with us in its most pure form which are Australian opal beads, Ethiopian opal beadsetc which are ready for the wholesale jewelry making supplies in bulk.

So, book your order now as we supply gemstone beads wholesale in India as well as you can also buy gemstone beads online. So, hurry and explore more options on our website.

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Blue Opal Faceted Nugget Beads
Price: $ 75.00
Size : 6*8 To 8*10 MM
Grade : AAA+
Product Code : BLOP11
Blue Opal Shaded Faceted Oval Beads
Price: $ 33.00
Size : 5*6 To 7.5*9 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : BLOP10
Blue Opal Cut Baguette Beads
Price: $ 29.00
Size : 6*12 To 8*22 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : BLOP7
Blue Opal Micro Cut Roundelle Beads
Price: $ 8.00
Size : 3.5 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : BLOP6
Blue Opal Smooth Tyre Beads
Price: $ 11.00
Size : 6 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : BLOP5
Blue Opal Far Smooth Roundelle Beads
Price: $ 46.00
Size : 7 To 12 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : BLOP4
Blue Opal Faceted Oval Beads
Price: $ 35.28
Size : 6*8 To 8*10 MM
Grade : A
Product Code : BLOP3
Blue Opal Far Faceted Roundelle Beads
Price: $ 40.79
Size : 6 To 8 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : BLOP2
Blue Opal Faceted Chicklet Beads
Price: $ 28.67
Size : 8*10 To 9*12 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : BLOP1
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