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Capitalizing on our extensive expertise and market knowledge, we at Unique Jewellers are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying premium quality rough grey diamond beads. The diamond beads that we supply are made utilizing the finest quality raw materials in combination with advanced techniques.

Crafted with care and precision, our range of diamond beads is acclaimed for their exquisite design, unique appeal, and beautiful appearance. So, if you are looking to procure wholesale diamond beads in Jaipur for jewelry design or resale purposes, you can rely on us to avail nothing but the best.

Having been actively involved in producing and supplying wholesale diamond beads, we supply precious gemstone and rough diamond beads worldwide. The diamond beads that we supply come in various sizes and can be bought as per the demand. The diamonds go through laser drilling to get converted into beads. Perfect for making customized jewelry items such as a bracelet, necklace, pendants, and earrings. These beads are ideal and highly beneficial for custom jewelers, small-scale retailers, and jewelry designers.

Buy Online Black Diamonds Beads At Wholesale Price

Our Diamond Beads: With us, you can avail diamond beads in exclusive quality and exquisite design to meet your jewelry design and retail needs. We are also actively making available diamond beads online to give our customers the ease of buying from their homes. With Unique, individual retailers and jewelry designers can buy black diamond beads online at the best possible prices without compromising the quality of the beads.

Moreover, we make a comprehensive range of diamond beads in distinct designs, colors, cuts, styles, and patterns. Our prices are affordable, and we make investing in diamond beads a profitable proposition for our customers. So, what are you waiting for? If you have any rough diamond beads requirements, we are here to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is diamond beads?

Diamond beads is the most precious of all gemstone. Diamond beads is called “heera” In hindi. Diamond beads is liked loved and for its unique brilliance sparkle. It is saids that a diamond beads is forever and has also been deemed girls best friend by few.

What is hardness of diamond beads?

Diamond beads is the hardest natural material on earth. Hardness of diamond beads is 10 on mohs scale of hardness. Diamond beads can retain is surface finish and polish for very long times due to extreme hardness. Only a diamond beads can scratch a diamond beads.

Diamond beads is birthstone of which month?

Diamond beads is birth stone of april month as per western astrology.

What are the benefits of diamond beads in astrology?

Diamond beads is one of the most important astrological gemstones. Diamond beads is astrological gemstone of venus (shukra) planet. Venus particularly signifies the desires of human being. Diamond beads is primarily worn of marital bliss, relationship, love and compatibility.

Who can benefit from astrological diamond beads?

Singers, dancers, artists, craftsmen, actors and other professions involved in entertaining people are strongly influenced by the sensual energy of venus, so they highly recommended to wear diamond beads. A person with strong venus in his or her horoscope tend to have a happy marriage, enjoys material comforts, is optimistic, makes other happy and moves with physical coordination.

Who should wear diamond beads?

A person born with zodiac signs taurus and libra should wear a diamond beads. Diamond beads is highly recommended to someone, who has mahadasha or antradasha of venus (shukra) in the horoscope. Diamond beads is also very beneficial for people suffering with infertility, sexual disorders and desires.

What should be the weight of diamond beads for astrological purpose?

Diamond beads weight for astrological purpose should be at least 0.30 carat and above. Good quality diamond beads between 0.30 carat and 1.00 carat is ideal for astrological benefits. Diamond beads less then  0.30 carat is too small to give any astrological results.

How to wear a diamond beads rings as per astrology?

Diamond beads should be worn in silver or any white metal alloy like white gold and platinum. Diamond beads should be worn in middle finger on friday. Diamond gemstone beads should be properly activated, energized and purified for best results.

How to buy diamond beads for astological purpose?

Diamond beads for astrological purpose should be of appropriate weight and quality. Astrological diamond beads should not have surface cracks and major black inclusions or spots. Diamond beads should be nearly colourless and should not have grey, red and brown tones in its colours.

Which is the best astrological subsitute of diamond beads stone?

Opal and white sapphire are considered the best astrological substitutes of diamond beads. Substitutes is chosen mainly due to low budgets. Usually, substitutes do not provide as good result as the main stone due to difference in their properties but in case of diamond beads, its substitutes are equally beneficial.

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