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Emerald is one of the types of precious gemstones of the Beryl mineral family. It colored green due to the amount of Chromium and Vanadium. Emerald is called “Panna” in Hindi. It is a birthstone of May month and a traditional birthstone for the astrological sign Cancer, according to Indian Astrology. It is a symbol of love and rebirth.

Emerald Beads:

Emerald beads are used to make jewelry and can be worn in the form of beautiful beads necklaces. We are a genuine and natural gemstone manufacturer and wholesale supplier of India. Have a business of gemstone beads around the world. We are a leading manufacturing company of both precious and semi-precious gemstone beads at wholesale prices for our valuable customers.

Emerald Gemstone Benefits:

  1. Emerald is the gemstone interfaced with Mercury planet; thus, it demolishes the bad health issues.
  2. Increase creativity, communication skills, and Artistic talent. Therefore people are doing creative jobs and need more ideas, which can benefit immensely.
  3. Pure or Original Emerald gemstone has healing power helps the person suffering from allergies, respiratory diseases, skin related problems.
  4. Destroy the negativity and protect yourself from the enemies and people trying to harm you.
  5. Best gemstone for businessmen because it helps to increase communication and reduces losses. Communication skills are a major factor in business.

Our Collection of Emeralds is of: 

  • Price Range - ($3.50- $20000) per line or lot
  • Available in Grade - A, AA, AAA and AAA+

In Shapes:

Far Smooth NuggetsSmooth Roundelle BeadsMint Emerald Smooth Roundelle
Far Faceted RoundShaded Smooth RoundelleEmerald Chips
Shaded Micro Cut Roundelle BeadsMicro Cut RoundelleDeep Emerald Plain Roundelle
Faceted NuggetsFaceted NuggetsPlain Heishi Cubes
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