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Scorolite is another type of semi precious gemstone. Scorolite is a powerful stone. It supports the absorption of knowledge & technology. It belongs to variscite mineral group. Scorolite also known as “Scorolite Opals”. It is different from other types of gemstones. Scorolite founds in different colors like pale greyish green, yellowish brown to brown, blueish green, blue violet etc. It is also called lavender quartz gemstone.

Scorolite gemstone shows orthorhombic, tabular, massive & crystals pyramidal crystallography. The dispersion of scorolite is relatively strong. Scorolite is a thin lavender color gemstone. It shows translucent to semi transparent transparency. Scorolite builds the purpose of smooth human relationship. It also builds the relationships with spiritual leeway. Scorolite sometimes called lavender amethyst.

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Scorolite has the power to calm the feeling. Scorolite is a thin lavender color gemstone. It is the combination of ferric iron analogue with mansfieldite, yanomamite & strengite. It has purified the different stages that are given below:

- White Sage
- Quartz Cluster
- Qurartz Chips
- Moonlight

The meaning & properties of scorolite is to fill the heart with the energy of love. It is a rare stone with a small amount of distribution. Scorolite effects on love, health, money, relationships, energy & power.

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