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Salmonite Stone Beads Online At Wholesale Price

Are you looking for Jaipur gemstone wholesale? Then Unique Jewellers Jaipur provides the best services for it. Here, you will find the bulk gemstones for jewellery at very affordable prices. When you require rare gemstones, then Unique jewellers’ sale luxury fashion gemstone beads for jewellery making in high quality. Our website provides exceptional gemstones at very low price. We also provide salmonite gemstone beads online with unforgettable customer services.

Salmonite can be considered in A grade semi precious gemstone. It is the variety of fibrolite. Salmonite shows white, grey, violet-blue, bluish, brownish, greenish & yellowish colours. It is the chemical composition of aluminium silicate. It shows orthorhombic, crystals prismatic, rare; usually fibrous crystallography. The Mohs scale hardness of this gemstone is 6.5 to 7.5. It has vitreous to silky luster. It also has perfect one direction cleavage. Refractive index range of Salmonite gemstone from 1.654 to 1.683. It is transparent to opaque.

Salmonite is an ideal material for alumina refractories. It is very less expensive materials for dumortierite & mullites are generally favoured for mass commercial production. In this gemstone, fluorescent type of luminescence is present. It may also exhibit pleochroism. When it is compared with scapolite, then it gives significant hardness. Salmonite located in different-different countries. These are: Kenya, Myanmar, Sri Lanka & the USA.

If you want buy natural gemstone beads wholesale, then Unique Jewellers’ sale all gemstone beads for jewellery making in high quality. We also provide jewellery supply services to the customers at wholesale rate. Our expert team manufacture faceted gems with the finest quality raw material.

Salmonite can be used in both the field gem & fashion jewellery. This gemstone is an ideal material for both these fields. Salmonite is quite hard & durable, it is an excellent material to use for shaping other materials. It also can be used for the production of alumina bricks, cement, ceramics & fine porcelain. It can be very useful for the steel & iron smelting, as well as the manufacturing of industrial strength glass.

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Salmonite Faceted Pear Beads
Price: $ 220.47
Size : 5*7 To 7*11 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SLMN1
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