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Precious Gemstones Beads are a delight to the eyes of everyone who sees it and with us, you can enjoy the comfort to buy online precious gemstones beads. Yes, our collection at Unique Jewellers is unmatched.


The jewellery stores or designers don’t approach local outlets to get great discount costs on precious or semi precious gemstone beads. Rather they like to shop for gemstone beads online from us to get great cash discount with a huge variation in gemstone beads pattern.


People generally have a great deal of uncertainty in respect to quality and genuineness of the beads while buying gemstone beads online, but we have changed this thinking with our hard work and honesty.


So, if you are set out to get precious gemstones beads via online, then Unique Jewellers is the best option for you, not only because of our genuine products but because we consider our clients, as our family. We work together as a well-organized team to deliver our customers with desired products within the given time frame.


We, at Unique Jewellers know that the precious gemstones beads in Jaipur are world widely famous which is why, we have established a safe and sound online store so that people from different parts can place a customized order for themselves. This is our effort to minimize the distance and let people enjoy their favourite jewels from the comforts of their homes.


You might be worried about the expense of having a gemstones bead made for yourself online. Do not worry about that, as rates are quite similar as on a regular offline store but with our help you do not have to travel to different stores looking for the bead that you have on your mind. Just visit our gemstone beabs online store and scroll to find your piece.

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Multi Sapphire Faceted Pear Beads
Price: $ 122.27
Size : 3*5 To5*8 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : SPPH20
Multi Sapphire Briollete Heart Beads
Price: $ 50.12
Size : 4 To 4.5 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : SPPH3
Multi Sapphire Briollete Pear Beads
Price: $ 65.13
Size : 4*6 MM(approx)
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SPPH4
Multi Sapphire Briollete Kite Beads
Price: $ 36.08
Size : 5.5 To 6.5 MM
Grade : A
Product Code : SPPH5
Multi Sapphire Briollete Pear Beads
Price: $ 93.95
Size : 5*7 MM(approx)
Grade : AA
Product Code : SPPH6
Multi Sapphire Briollete Heart Beads
Price: $ 42.00
Size : 3.5 MM (Approx)
Grade : AA
Product Code : SPPH7
Multi Sapphire Briollete Heart Beads
Price: $ 46.35
Size : 5 To 5.5 MM
Grade : A
Product Code : SPPH8
Multi Sapphire Briollete Chicklet Beads
Price: $ 31.31
Size : 5*6 MM(approx)
Grade : A
Product Code : SPPH9
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