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Ruby Zoisite Gemstone Beads Online

Are you looking for wholesale gemstone beads for jewellery making? Then Unique Jewellers Jaipur is the best platform for you. Here, you can buy ruby zoisite gemstone beads online with unforgettable customer services.

Our expert team manufacture beaded jewellery with the finest quality raw material. You will also find the best quality beads work with unforgettable customer services on our site. Our website provides online ruby zoisite gemstone beads at very affordable prices.

Ruby zoisite is the category of A grade semi precious gemstone. It is the mixture of zoisite, corundum & hornblende. It is the chemical composition of calcium aluminium silicate. It is called other names ‘anyolite’. It is the natural combination of both ruby & zoisite in a single specimen. Ruby-zoisite available in three different colours: green, black & pink to red. Zoisite shows earthy green colour while ruby provides pink & red colours. The Mohs Scale hardness range of zoisite from 6.5 to 7 while ruby gemstone hardness is 9. It has vitreous luster. It shows orthorhombic, multifaced prisms & mostly striated crystallography. Ruby zoisite gemstone comes from only Tanzania.

Gemstone plays different-different role in human beings. Some people wear them for individual purposes & some people wear as their birthday month. Many peoples wear gemstones according to their dress.

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Ruby-zoisite was first discovered in 1954 in Longido mining district in Tanzania. Ruby zoisite included with the black hornblende minerals. This gemstone typically cut as a cabochon. In this gemstone, large oval shapes are most popular. Refractive index range of this gemstone from 1.691 to 1.700. It has perfect cleavage. Fluorescence are not present in this gemstone & it is opaque transparent. Ruby-zoisite cannot be treated but enhanced in any way.

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Ruby Zoisite Faceted Coin Beads
Price: $ 4.75
Size : 4 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : RBZS6
Ruby Zoisite Far Faceted Roundelle Beads
Price: $ 14.00
Size : 6 To 7 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : RBZS5
Ruby Zoisite Micro Cut Cube Beads
Price: $ 17.00
Size : 4 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : RBZS4
Ruby Zoisite Faceted Long Pear Beads
Price: $ 28.00
Size : 11*28 To 13*35 MM
Grade : A
Product Code : RBZS3
Ruby Zoisite Faceted Pear Beads
Price: $ 22.00
Size : 8*10 To 9*13 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : RBZS2
Ruby Zoisite Faceted Heart Beads
Price: $ 20.00
Size : 8 To 10 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : RBZS1
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