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Scapolite Gemstone Beads Online at Wholesale Price

When you require scapolite gemstone beads online? Then Unqiue Jewellers is the best platform for you to buy Scapolite stone beads online at wholesale price. Here, we provide the best services for semi precious stones at very affordable prices. In these gemstones, Scapolite is one of them.Unique jewellers’ sale gemstone jewellery in high quality that you can buy in wholesale. We believe in offering amazing quality beads for sale at wholesale price.

Scapolite is the type of A grade semi precious gemstone. It is the variety of marialite, meionite, petschite & wernerite. This is the member of rock-forming silicate minerals group. Scapolite can be available in different-different colours. These are: white, grey, pink, purple, violet, blue & violet blue, brown, orangey brown, golden yellow, orangey yellow & pale greenish yellow. It shows tetragonal, crystals prismatic, massive & granular crystallography. Hardness of Scapolite gemstone from 5.5 to 6. Its refractive index range varies by composition & locality. The refractive index range of this gemstone from 1.531 to 1.600.

The term scapolite is taken from the two Greek words: “scapos” & “lithos”. Scapos means ‘rod’ & lithos means ‘stone’. First of all, Scapolite was discovered in Myanmar in the year 1913. Then, it was rediscovered in Brazil.

Luminescence  also presents in this gemstone. There are various types of luminescence are: fluorescent, phosphorescent, UV-Long, UV-Short & X-ray colours. The special care instructions of this gemstone including avoids the rough handling. Scapolite has vitreous luster. It also has perfect or distinct cleavage in two directions. Scapolite gemstone is transparent to opaque. Scapolite located in different-different countries. These are: Australia, Africa, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Myanmar, Norway, Sweden, Tajikistan & the USA.

Gemstone play different-different role in human beings. Some people wear it with different purposes & some for any individual reason in their daily life.

At Unqiue Jewellers Jaipur, you can buy the best quality scapolite gemstone beads at the most attractive prices.You can trust us for your best quality beaded jewellery and access to our products online. Our website also provides gemstone bracelets for your wedding jewellery, ring ceremony & for any other purpose.

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Scapolite Star Cut Beads
Price: $ 33.00
Size : 7 To 8 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SCPT4
Scapolite Far Faceted Roundelle Beads
Price: $ 60.50
Size : 5 To 7 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SCPT3
Scapolite Faceted Pear Beads
Price: $ 38.50
Size : 6*8 MM(Approx)
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SCPT2
Scapolite Faceted Onion Beads
Price: $ 41.80
Size : 8 MM(Approx)
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SCPT1
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