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We can ship goods via following mediums as per customer’s request:

Charges are different for different mediums.

Shipping is done via transport like EMS, FedEx and UPS on a customer choice for retail orders but all other charges like shipping, insurance, C&F etc. are payable by the customer. We charge you as-per-actual for these expenses if you demand shipping via FedEx and UPS.


for wholesale orders, the shipping charges are calculated on basis of city of delivery, total weight of the goods and type of shipping company. When you place the wholesale order, we shall calculate the exact shipping expense and let you know by email.


International shipping charges do not include any fees (custom duty) charged by the customer's country. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any and all customs fees. All orders will be processed depending on the quantity, once the payment is received. If you need some tentative date, you can always write to us for the same. If you need shipping insurance or have any other question, please contact us. All merchandise is shipped from our warehouse in Jaipur, India. 

Transport Cycle:
Under normal circumstances, UNIQUE JEWELLERS proudly promise that shipping worldwide with all the fair transport only need 4 to 6 business days. Encountered festivals, vacation or force major, the transportation terms may be prolonged a little.

Package & Security:
We have professional staffs to pack, and the merchandises are delivered in special containers provided by all the transportation. Furthermore, we put some plastic bubbles into the parcel to keep jewelry steady, waterproof and crushproof. You can track the shipping via the transport company’s web.