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Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone Beads Online

Are you looking for buy gemstone beads online? Then Unique Jewellers Jaipur provides the best quality gemstones and  Swiss Blue Topaz Stone Beads at very affordable prices.
We, at Unique Jewellers Jaipur, also provides gemstone bracelets for your ring ceremony, wedding jewellery or any other purposes.Our expertise manufactures all type of wholesale gemstonebeads with the finest quality raw material. In these gemstones, Swiss Blue Topaz is one of them.

Swiss Blue Topaz is the type of A grade semi precious gemstone. Swiss Blue Topaz belongs to Precious Topaz gemstone family. It shows different colours like white, grey, greenish, tan, beige, red, orange, yellow, pale to medium blue, pale pink & deep pink; etc. It shows very good wearability. The hardness of this gemstone is 8. In this gemstone, there is no heat sensitivity. This type of gemstone provides orthorhombic, crystals prismatic, stumpy, massive & granular crystallography. Refractive index range of this stone from 1.610 to 1.630. The birthstone of this gemstone in the month of November. It is completely different from Imperial Topaz.

Swiss Blue Topaz is a type of gemstone that is very important in the life of lovers. This type of gemstone effects on our health. It symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings & emotional attachment. On the other hand, this is a beneficial stone because it builds our confidence level. It helps physically, psychologically & emotionally. We suggest wearing this gemstone as a ring. It can be used in neckless, pendants, rings & other jewellery items.

As a Gemstones wholesale India manufacturer and supplier, we provide the best quality blue topaz beadsat the most attractive prices. When customer is not satisfied, then we provide our customer’s return facility.

At uniquejewellersjaipur.com, our expert team manufactured rare gems with the finest quality raw material.Our expert team provide the best qualitybeads jewellery in wholesale.

Unique Jeweller’s is the best jewellery shop for purchasing the luxury fashionable jewellery. We also provide the precious stones at wholesale prices. We believe in offering amazing quality diamond beads for jewellery making which is why we have a good reputation in the entire market of gemstones.

Swiss Blue Topaz cuts in different formats. These are: round, emerald, oval, pear, heart, princess, antique cushion, moon shape, pear shape cabochon & oval shape cabochon. This gemstone is a vivid medium, to medium dark blue topaz produced by combining neutron treatment with electron treatment, followed by heat treatment. We offer blue topaz from three origins: Natural Swiss Blue Topaz, Natural Sky-Blue Topaz & Natural London Blue Topaz. Swiss Blue Topaz comes from Russia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria & USA.

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Swiss Blue Topaz Far Faceted Pear Beads
Price: $ 100.00
Size : 6*9 To 7*10 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SWBT6
Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Pear Beads
Price: $ 75.00
Size : 4.5*6 To 6*8 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SWBT5
Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Drop Beads
Price: $ 155.00
Size : 4.5*6 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SWBT4
Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Round Beads
Price: $ 125.00
Size : 5 MM(Approx)
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SWBT3
Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Nugget Beads
Price: $ 300.00
Size : 9*11 To 11*15 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SWBT2
Swiss Blue Topaz Briollete Heart Beads
Price: $ 75.00
Size : 5 MM
Grade : AAA
Product Code : SWBT1
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