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     Gorgeous quality.!!! Competitive Prices..!!!!! Best Customer Service Ever by any beading company from India..!!! Ankita thanks a lot for your great customer service with high quality beads,, simply loving the beads. - Lily

    Lily , 0

     Nice selection of materials. Unique Jewellers carry the products that you need, but also has some surprises for you when purchasing. I purchased Amethyst Faceted Cubes BBB grade and wondered what they would look like in person -- they were absolutely beautiful. I will definitely shop Unqiue Travis,USA , 0

     We are extremely pleased with our e-mail communications with Ankita at Unique Jewellers pertaining to our first order. The customer service is excellent . The parcel arrived yesterday and everything looked absolutely gorgeous . We look forward to a long relationship with this company. Very Magda,Japan , 0

    I got my order today and they are just beautiful, high quality beads!! Highly Impressive... thanks..


    Marie, London , 0

    You have an excellent selection of gemstone beads. i ordered for AAA Rubilite nuggets and the quality was Amazing. Thank you so much - Jenn

    Jennifer, UK , 0

     Unique Jewellers is a best place to buy gemstones beads. Firstly, there Quality is very good. Prices are way too good and customer Service by Ankita is awesomely good. She replies to e-mail within an Hour. sometimes in few minutes. i wonder how...but it's too helpful, very friendly. Best of Chris, Russia , 0

    Lovely Beads, Excellent Customer service,fast shipping. i love doing business with Ankita and Om, thanks to Unique Jewellers and its Team. --Tim Tim,California , 0

    I have looked at a few different places to buy gems, and your site is by far the nicest stones I've seen...Unique Jewellers is the Best..!!!!!!!!!

    Lisa , 0

    I've been meaning to write to you and tell you again how pleased I am with your merchandise and your service. Ankita, You are truly the best. I have been perusing your site and contemplating another order..!!!! xoxo S

    S,Usa , 0