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White Topaz Gemstone Beads Online


If you can buy white topaz beads for jewellery, then Unique jewellers’ sale these gemstone beads with unforgettable customer services. You can trust us for your best quality precious & semi-precious gemstone beads at very affordable prices. We, at Unique Jewellers Jaipur, also provide gemstone bracelets for your ring ceremony, wedding jewellery or any other purposes.

White topaz can be considered in type of A grade semi precious gemstone. It is a form of silicate mineral of aluminium. This is also known as clear topaz & silver topaz. It can be available in white colour. This gemstone is unearthed within granite& pegmatite deposit. It is usually transparent. It shows orthorhombic & dipyramidal crystallography. It has vitreous luster. It is completely different fromimperial topaz & swiss blue topaz. The Mohs Scale hardness of this gemstone is 8. White topaz located in different-different places: Brazil, Japan, Madagascar, South Africa & the USA.

The name Topaz taken from the Greek Words “Topazios or Topazion”. Basically, Topaz is a nesosilicate mineral. It is produced in different-different places in the world. Topaz is a gemstone & it can be used to make jewellery & other adornments. Topaz comes in cut & polished form. Orange topaz also known as precious topaz. It is the symbol of friendship. White topaz can be used in the field of fashion jewellery (rings, earrings, pendants & bracelets).

At Unique Jewellers Jaipur, our expert team manufactured rare gems with the finest quality raw material.As a Gemstones wholesale India manufacturer and supplier; we provide the best quality gemstone beads in wholesale.

Unique jeweller’s is the best jewellery shop for purchasing the luxury fashionable jewellery. We also provide the precious stones at wholesale prices. We believe in offering amazing quality diamond beads for jewellery makingwhich is why we have a good reputation in the entire market of gemstones.

White topaz also effects on our health condition. It is an excellent stone for meditation. It improves mental clarity & concentration. It drops out the negative thoughts & derived positive energy in our life. It is a strong magnetic healer & it also brings charming effect in our life.

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White Topaz Micro Cut Roundelle Beads
Price: $ 3.25
Size : 2 MM
Grade : AAA+
Product Code : WTP2
White Topaz Smooth Heishi Square Beads
Price: $ 17.00
Size : 4 To 5 MM
Grade : AA
Product Code : WTP1
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