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Beer Quartz - Semi Precious Gemstone

Our website uniquejewellersjaipur.Com gives excellent services regarding gemology. Here you will search for amazing quality precious and semi-precious gemstones in bulk. Of these gemstones, beer quartz is one of them.
Beer Quartz is the type of B-Grade semi-precious gemstone. It is a member of the quartz family. It is one of the most popular gemstones. It can be used in the making fashion jewellery. They can be customized into beautiful patterns & shapes. Beer quartz gemstone shows hexagonal pyramid crystallography. It has indistinct cleavage. The mohs scale hardness of this gemstone is 7.

Properties of beer quartz stone beads

Quartz is a balancing stone that covers every aspect of life. Beer quartz comes from the following healing properties:

  • Soothing the issue of stomach, liver & colon
  • Heal injuries & burn marks
  • Improve nervous coordination between the brain & the muscles
  • Improve hormone levels

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