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B-Grade Blue Opal Gemstone Beads

Blue opal can be considered the type of B-Grade semi-precious gemstone beads. It is a rare variety of opal gemstones. It is the chemical composition of hydrated silica. It is completely different from fire opal. It comes in a variable with blueish-purple & other colours. It shows an amorphous crystal structure. In this product, there is no cleavage. It has sub-vitreous lustre. The mohs scale hardness of this gemstone is 5.5 to 6.5. Blue opal gemstone can be found in the Andes Mountains near San Patricia in Peru. Gemstones play a different role in human beings. Some people wear them for individual purposes & some people wear them for their birthday month. Many peoples wear gemstones according to their dress.

Wholesale Blue Opal Stone Beads

At Unique Jewellers Jaipur, you can buy an opal necklace at attractive prices. You can buy wholesale jewellery making supplies in bulk for your wedding jewellery, ring ceremony, or other purposes. You will also find the best quality opal jewellery on our website. We also provide excellent services regarding different-different types of opals.
Blue opal gemstone is any opal that produces a blueish spectrum of light reflection. The name is a general representation of “blue” because there are various blueish colorations in opal, ranging from pale sky blue to a deep dark ocean blue.

Steps to purify blue opal Beads

There are various steps to purify the blue opal gemstone. These are:

  • Quartz cluster
  • Quartz chips
  • Crystal turner
  • Moonlight


Blue opal gemstone affects our health condition. It is helpful for us to release tension & to bring peacefulness. It also releases any stress. It drops out the negative thoughts from our minds & derived the positive energy. It can clear your feelings & thoughts & give you the power to take a step forward. This gemstone can improve your sensitivity & executive ability. It can help you to take your ideas to market. It is also used to attract attention with unique ideas.

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