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To capitalize on our expertise and market knowledge, we at Unique Jewellers are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying premium quality Fire Opal gemstone in bulk. As a Gemstones wholesale India manufacturer and supplier, we provide the best quality precious & semi-precious gemstone beads at the most attractive prices.

At uniquejewellersjaipur.com, you can buy an opal beads necklace at the most attractive prices. Our website also provides the best quality opal stone at very affordable prices. 

Fire Opal Beads Online 

Our well-experienced experts manufacture semi-precious fire opal stones at very low prices. Unique Jewellers is the best platform regarding Opal gems for sale. When the customer is not satisfied, we provide our customer with a return facility.

Fire Opal is another type of semi-precious gemstone. Fire Opal is a member of the Silicate Mineral family. This product can be considered in type of A-grade semi-precious gemstone. Fire-Opal can be classified as follows: black opal, pink opal, blue opal, plain opal, opal cats’ eyes & green opal. Fire-Opal involves different opal-like, bright yellow, bright orange, & bright red background colors.

Fire-Opal receives their name from their fiery background color. There are two other types of opal (precious opal & common opal). These opals are different from Fire Opal gemstones. Commonly, fire opals can show off single color with a semi-transparent. At the same time, precious opal can show off refractions of blues.

Properties of Fire Opal Stone

At uniquejewellersjaipur.com, you can buy opal online at the most attractive prices. Our expert team manufacture gemstone cabochons wholesale with the finest quality raw material. You can buy wholesale jewellery making supplies in bulk for your wedding jewellery, ring ceremony & for any other purpose. There are following properties of fire opals are:

  • This gemstone receives names according to its background color. This gemstone has a fire red, orange or yellow background color.
  • When the stone is turned under a light source, it can exhibit a play of color.
  • Fire opal has a uniform background color. It’s the beautiful background color that gives the stone definition.
  • Fire opal value depends on the uniformity & desirability of their colors.
  • A fire opal cuts in different ways. Some of the cuts were cabochons, while others were faceted stones.
  • Fire opal is generally found in volcanic rock formations.


Fire opals have different uses. Fire opal has a positive attribute that it can bring to your life. It is a wonderful stone compared to other stones. Fire opal improves the thinking capacity of your mind. This stone will give you a boost of self-confidence.

It also improves how you are related to others. While you are suffering from an abusive relationship, fire opal will be able to help you. It also improves how you are communicated with others. It will also promote loving & kind relationships. Fire opal beads helps you heal from the bad experiences & assist you in releasing the bad memories.

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