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Opal Round Hyalite Gem Beads

Hyalite Opal is a unique and unusual gemstone found on earth in a refined form with a vitreous luster. First and foremost, the hyalite that something special about this opal gemstone is its fluorescent green glow in shortwave UV light.
The name hyalite opal is derived from the Greek word halos, which means glass. It is a colorless variety of gemstone with green solid fluorescence. It is made of water and silicon dioxide. Hyalite opal gems are also known as Muller’s glass, water opal, and halite.

Characteristics of Hyalite Opals

We can find hyalite opals all over the world. We can find hyalite opal in Afghanistan, France, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Australia.
•    Hyalite opal is a rare and colorless crystal with strong green fluorescence that resembles classy glass.
•    A raw and rough hyalite opal is stunning, and its natural shape is enough to attract attention.
•    Many hyalite opal gems are in the original geode form.
•    It is clear, colorless, and round in shape.
•    It is an amorphous form of silica and volcanic precipitate.
•    It contains 3 to 8 % water.
•    The hyalite opal gemstone can display fluorescence in daylight conditions that are unusual but fascinating.

High Quality Hyalite Opal Beads

Hyalite opal gemstone helps us in many ways physically, mentally, and spiritually. Hold a colorless, glassy hyalite opal to refocus your attention on its other emotional benefits. Hyalite opal is also known to support the love life and is believed to improve one’s ability to attract a partner with lust and seduction.
So if you are hopping to meet someone special, try to get your hands on a rare green hyalite opal gemstone. You can channel all the healing vibes when you shop for hyalite opal gems jewelry or décor.

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