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When do you require wholesale gemstone beads for jewellery making? Then Unique Jewellers Jaipur is the best option for you. Our website provides lapis gemstone with the finest quality raw material.
We at Unique Jewellers are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying premium quality jewellery-making gemstones. Our website also provides the best services regarding exceptional gemstones. Unique Jewellers sell Semi-Precious beads for high-quality jewellery making that you can buy wholesale.

Natural Lapis Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads

Lapis is another category of a semi-precious gemstone. It belongs to the Sodalite Group of Minerals family. The crystallography of Lapis includes isometric, dodecahedral & crystals, which are very rare. The Luminescence type of Lapis is fluorescent, UV-Long, UV-Short, and X-ray colors. The following colors are included in Lapis gemstones: deep blue, azure blue, violet-blue & greenish-blue.

Benefits of Lapis Gemstone Beads

Lapis gemstone has various medical benefits. It can boost the immune system, lower blood pressure & purifying blood. It controls thyroid gland problems. It is also beneficial for the respiratory system & nervous systems. This type of gemstone plays a very important role in treating heart, depression, pain & eye. It also protects from negative energies.
At Unique Jewellers, we also provide natural gemstones with unforgettable customer services. Our well-known expertise manufactured rare gems with the finest quality raw material.

Lapis Gemstone Wholesaler

As a Gemstones wholesale India manufacturer and supplier, we provide the best quality precious & semi-precious gemstones at very affordable prices. When a customer is not satisfied, we provide our customer with a return facility. Lapis gemstone brings harmony & deep inner self-knowledge. It allows self-expression & encourages self-awareness. This product provides compassion & quality of honesty. It also provides morality to the personality. Lapis gemstone is completely different from all other semi-precious gemstone categories. Lapis gemstones come from the USA, Afghanistan, Italy & Chile.
If you want to enhance your focus and concentration power, wear this type of gemstone beads. It is said that students & professionals who are working in the academic environment can get excellent benefits from Lapis gemstones. It is a very powerful tool for removing negativity.


Lapis gemstone is different from other precious & semi-precious gemstones. When you wear this gemstone, you make sure that it is completely free from flaws. Lapis gemstone decreases all kinds of stress & health problems. Lapis gemstones beads activate a life of more intelligence, success, balance & power.
Lapis gemstones come from the USA, Afghanistan, Italy & Chile. So, finally, we can say that Lapis gemstones are very helpful for all the people. Therefore, you can get the Lapis gemstone from Unique Jewellers at a reasonable price.

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