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Gemstones serve different purposes in people’s lives, but whether you are buying them for any individual reason or matching it with your dress, you should buy quality ones. Unique Jewellers sell semi-precious beads wholesale for high-quality jewellery making that you can buy wholesale.
Here you will find the best quality morganite gemstone beads with unforgettable customer service. We also provide gemstone beads online for your ring ceremony, wedding jewellery, or other purposes.
Unique Jewellers is the best beads store for customers. We believe in offering amazing quality beads for sale at wholesale prices. You can trust us for your best quality beaded jewellery and access to our products online.

Morganite Stone Beads

Morganite can be considered a type of B-Grade semi-precious gemstone. It is a member of the beryl family. This is also known as pink beryl, pink emerald & or cesian beryl. It can be available in various colours like pink or salmon, peachy pink, violet-pink & pale pink, etc. It shows hexagonal crystallography. It has indistinct cleavage. Morganite gemstones are located in several places. These are Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Russia & the USA.

History of Morganite Gemstone Beads

Morganite gemstone was first discovered in California in the year the 1900s. It is a very interesting gemstone & it is associated with the feeling of inner peace, strength & joy. This gemstone will help you with self-confidence & personal power.
The mohs scale hardness of morganite gemstone is 7.5 to 8. It shows very good wearability. It has a vitreous luster. It is fully translucent to transparent. The refractive index range of this gemstone is from 1.572 to 1.600. In this gemstone, a fluorescent type of luminescence is present.


Capitalizing on our extensive expertise and market knowledge, we at unique jewellers are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying premium quality natural ruby beads.
You can trust us for your best quality wholesale gemstone beads in bulk at affordable prices. We believe in offering amazing quality semi-precious stones at the most attractive prices. We have been working for a long time with customer satisfaction, value & quality of the things. These are the main aim of our business.
When we wear this gemstone, it will help drop out the negative thoughts. It improves communication & personal expression. It has the power to relieve stress.

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