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If you can buy bulk gemstones for jewelry, then Unique Jewellers sell all gemstone beads made in high quality. Here you will find the best quality natural gemstone beads wholesale with special customer services. We also provide multi spinel beads at very low prices. We have been working for a long time with customer satisfaction, value & quality. These are the main aim of our business.
Unique Jewellers provides high-quality gemstone beads for jewellery making when you require wholesale gems. Our well-experienced experts manufacture all beaded bracelets at wholesale prices. Here, we also provide the best quality natural gemstone.

Semi Precious Multi Spinel Gem Beads

Multi Spinel can be considered in type of A Grade semi-precious gemstone. It is completely different from other types of gemstones. Multi Spinel shows different-different colors. These are red, green, blue, black, grey, pink, yellow & purple, or violet. It shows a cubic crystal system. When it attracts wealth, bliss & fame in life, it is called the “fortune stone”. It has powerful healing & metaphysical properties & it is associated with positivity in life.
Basically, multi spinel gemstone is also known as the “de-clogging stone”. This is because multi spinel gemstone protects against various suitability factors. These are sudden loss of wealth, kidney & liver ailments, intoxicating items, stress & depression, etc.

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When you need beaded jewelry wholesale, uniquejewellersjaipur.com is the best platform for you. In addition, our website provides the best services regarding handcraft jewelry.
As a gemstones wholesale india manufacturer and supplier, we provide the best services for online gemstone beads at the most attractive prices. When the customer is unsatisfied, we provide our customer’s return facility.

Importance of Multi Spinel Gemstone

Multi spinel gemstone also affects our health condition. It also increases physical stamina. It has special significance in healing & balancing the “energy points” in the body. This gemstone suffers from following medical conditions:

  • Joint pains
  • Muscle weakness
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Teeth diseases
  • Cancer among both men & women
  • Blood disorders
  • Infertility
  • Memory issue
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