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Natural Purple Phosphosiderite Beads

Phosphosiderite is an incredibly gentle gemstone. Phosphosiderite stone is a mineral of igneous origin, but some of its deposits are formed by fossilized biomaterials shells and algae. Phosphosiderite gemstone is an opaque and translucent stone with either a vitreous or resinous luster. It crystals are usually spheroid, kidney, or radial in shape, and are pretty small. Some crystals of phosphosiderite stone can coalesce with each other forming a thin crust with a rough surface.

Variations in Phosphosiderite stone

•    Phosphosiderite stone is a rather rare mineral made up of ferruginous and phosphorus oxides.
•    Pink phosphosiderite stones are highly prized for their delicate hues, the most sought after of which is bright orchid purple.
•    Brown phosphosiderite gemstones provide various shades from coffee and brick to light amber.
•    Red phosphosiderite stone are dark, with a purple or pink tint.
Many specimens of phosphosiderite stone showcase an optical phenomenon of pleochroism. Phosphosiderite stone is widely used in traditional medicine thanks to its pronounced healing effect. Phosphosiderite gemstones reduce the likelihood of the development of inflammation as well as protects against encephalitis and meningitis.

Original Round Phosphosiderite Gemstone

Phosphosiderite stone is highly revered for its ability to effect the human mind. At the same time, phosphosiderite gemstone beads featuring cloudy spots, cracks, and rough patches have an opposite effect. If you choose a phosphosiderite gemstone wisely, it will give you creative energy and concentration to help complete your tasks and reach your goals, especially financial ones. Our phosphosiderite gemstones are available in multiple shapes and sizes as cabochons and faceted cuts.


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