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Gemstones play different-different roles in human beings. Some people wear them for individual purposes & some people wear them as their birthday month. Many peoples wear gemstones according to their dress.

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Pink Spinel is the type of A-grade semi-precious gemstone, and it is a member of the family. Pink Spinel is a variety of ceylonite, chromite, hercynite, pleonaste & gahnospinel. It comes in various shades of colours: red, blue, green & brown. It also shows black, grey, purple, orange & orange-red. It shows isometric, granular & massive crystallography. It also shows excellent wearability. The hardness of this gemstone is 7.5 to 8, and its refractive index ranges from 1.719 to 1.920. 

In this product, there is no heat sensitivity, and pink Spinel has no cleavage. Luminescence is present in this gemstone, and its various types are fluorescent, UV-Long, UV-Short & X-ray colours. The birthstone of this product was in August.

Our website uniquejewellersjaipur.com is the best beads store for the customers. We provide wholesale gemstone beads in bulk for your ring ceremony, wedding jewellery or any other purposes. Here you will find the best quality precious & semi-precious gemstones with unforgettable customer service. Our expert team manufacture all type of colour stone with the finest quality raw material.

Pink Spinel effects on our health. It can help reduce negative energy & fills the positive energy in our body. It also helps in realizing a peaceful environment. When we wear it, it makes it easier to realize powerful power. It can be used to create works that are not influenced by the times. It can also be used in different-different fields. These are design, art, publication, video, photography & so on.

There are various stages to purify the Pink Spinel. These are:

  • White Sage
  • Quartz Cluster
  • Quartz Chips
  • Crystal Tuner
  • Moonlight

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