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Gemstones are something that serves with different purposes in people’s life but whether you are buying for any individual reason or just to match it with your dress, you should buy quality ones.

If you want buy bulk gemstones for jewellery, then unique jewellers’ sale all gemstone beads for jewellery making in high quality. Our website Unique Jewellers Jaipur also provides crystal gems at very low price.

We, at uniquejewellersjaipur.com, sale semi precious beads for jewellery making in high quality that you can buy in wholesale. Here you willfind the best quality semi-precious stoneswith unforgettable customer services. In these gemstones, zircon is one of them.

Zircon is another category of a grade semi precious gemstone. It is the member of family. It is the variety of starlite. Zircon comes in many colours like red, green, grey, yellow, reddish brown & various other colours induced by heating. It has vitreous to adamantine & sometimes greasy luster. It has imperfect cleavage.

Luminescence also presents in zircon. There are various types of luminescence are: fluorescent, phosphorescent, uv-long, uv-short & x-ray colours. Hardness of this gemstone is 6 to 7.5. In this gemstone, there is no heat sensitivity.

Zirconshows tetragonal, crystals prismatic, pyramidal & rounded pebbles crystallography. It has fully transparent.
At Unique Jewellers Jaipur, you can trust us for your best quality bulk gemstones for jewellery and access to our products online. Our expert team manufacture natural ruby beads with the finest quality raw material. We, at Unique Jewellers Jaipur provide jewellery supply services to the customers at very affordable prices. Our website works on bead supplies to the customers in wholesale rate.

The birthstone of zircon in the month of december. It can be found in various locations: cambodia, burma, sri lanka, australia, tanzania, pakistan & afghanistan. Zircon is easily available & it is not costly. Basically, zircon can be used in imitation jewellery.

There are several uses of zircon are:

- When we wear this gemstone, it augments physical & mental strength.

- It provides physical, emotional & spiritual balance.

- It helps in bringing visions & dreams to reality.

- It brings abundance & prosperity to the family of the wearer.

- It can be used in curing dizziness & muscle problems.

- It helps in healing the lungs, bronchial & general respiratory problems.

- It brings peace & purity to the heart.

- It gives a strong feeling of confidence & strength to the wearer.

- It can be used as a symbol of purity of many years.

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