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Here are some handy tips to help you make handcrafted beaded jewellery with gemstone beads.

One simple way to improvement any piece of beaded jewellery is by using gemstone beads.

Introducing precious and semi precious gemstones add a luxurious feel to the finished piece the organic look and feel of the stones, plus the amazing array of colors, textures and patterns are quite appealing.

However, there are some things you need to consider when using natural gemstones beads for jewellery making. So below you will find some tips for working with gemstones.

Take benefit of the shape

Natural gemstones comes in all shapes and sizes. Let the shape of this natural beads influence how you use them.

For example, use top drilled gemstone beads to create a spiky organic piece of jewellery in a spiral rope.

Natural gemstone round beads will be the easiest to incorporate into jewellery as they can be used to replace glass pearls or even fire polished beads in a pattern.

Make Note of Heavy Weight Gemstone Beads

Some precious and semi precious gemstone beads can be quite a bit heavier than regular glass beads. Make sure to use stronger gemstone beads weaving threads e g 8 lb and 10 lb test weight to accommodate these heavier beads.

Are Pearls Dyed

Manufacturers sometimes dye gemstone beads for jewellery making. That colorant may then run once the gemstone beads are damp. Before using them in jewellery making that may get wet as you sweat or wash your hands, check the color fastness.

Soak one or two gemstone beads in a little soapy water for a day or two. If you see color in the water, you will know the gemstones beads  have been dyed and the color is prone to running.

Avoid making gemstone beads jewellery using beads that have been dyed.

How hard are gemstones?

When you are thinking about the hardness of a gemstone beads, you are really considering how easy it is scratch the surface.

The mohs hardness scale rates gemstones hardness from 1 to 10. The hardest gemstones like diamonds and rubies get a rating of 10, while softer gemstone e g amber, will be closer to 1 on the scale.

So, why should you care how hard your gemstone beads jewellery?

Well, just think how tough you can be your gemstone jewellery, especially bracelets. The harder the gemstones, the better they will stand up to being whacked against walls or tabletops and dropped on the ground.

Gemstone jewellery can be pricey and i am sure you wants one that are durable and will stand the test of time.

Check the holes on gemstones

Sometimes, gemstones beads holes are drilled halfway  from opposite side so that they meet in the middle. This means that the holes dose not always lines up as they should.

If you have any precious and semi precious gemstone beads with this problem, use a bead reamer to remedy the issue.

Not all gemstones beads will have holes. If you have pieces without holes, simply use them as a cabochon gemstone jewellery. Larger gemstone beads can lovely focal points in gemstone beaded jewellery e g pendants.

Whether you are making gemstone jewellery for a special occasion or your simply love the look of gemstone beads, this tips will help you create pieces that will look great and last a long time.

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