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Since ancient times, gemstones and crystals have been used widely as they have energetic healing powers. They have the power to heal the deep issues and bring good health, prosperity and happiness in life. Each 7 chakra gemstone has its own power and unique healing property. Some are best for resolving family and financial issues and love problems, while other are best suited for wealth and prosperity in life. 

What are the most common 7 chakra gemstones?

1.Clear quartz gemstone beads

It is also known as master healer gemstone. One can use this gemstone to resolve any and every problem of life. It is clear and translucent gemstone which can give mental, physical and emotional stability to a person. It improves the wisdom of a person and brings unconditional pure love.

2.Amethyst gemstone beads

One can use this gemstone for all the purpose, the best things about this stone is that it is available in different hues and shades of violet colour, this gemstone resonates crown chakra and third eye chakra. It is also good for the over all health and protects from diseases like insomnia and etc.

3.Rose quartz gemstone beads

This pink color crystal is known as a gemstone of love. Rose quartz beads symbolizes love and harmony. It brings love, harmony and peace. If a person is suffering from relationship problems, emotional instability and compatibility issues then he can resolves his problems through this gemstone.

4.Citrine gemstone beads

Citrine gemstone is a yellow color crystal. If you are seeking immense prosperity into your life then you must use this gemstone. It also help to remove financial problems.

5.Black tourmaline

It considered as top protective gemstone. Black tourmaline beads can protect you from electromagnetic fields. It is good to protect you from negative vibes and peoples in the workplace.

6.Carnelian beads

This gemstone is good for those who feel a lack of confidence and motivation. In simple words, carnelians gemstone motivate and inspired a native and increase his confidence level. This gemstone is boosts your energy and gives you the power to not to give up on any difficult situation.

7.Aventurine gemstone 

This healing gemstone is available in various colors liked red, green, peach, blue, yellow and more. If you are searching for true love and long lasting relationship and friendships, then you must use this healing gemstone.


The gemstones mentioned above are the most common ones for the 7 chakras. If you want to buy these precious and semi-precious gemstones beads then order from here. We are the leading wholesaler and manufacturer of gemstone beads from the then world famous gemstone city "Jaipur", India.

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